The hardest part is deciding what to describe and what not 🙂 – I should introduce myself here now, but maybe it’s a lot harder than I first thought 🙂

My name is Simon Tibor. This is enough? I’m kidding 🙂 Of course, I wanted to be a lot more in my life than others. I went through countless schools, got a lot of degrees, but somehow I didn’t notice that there was one thing in my life that haunted me from the first moments and that was always of most interest to me. That was photography.

Back then, sometime in the late ’80s, I could have been or my 10-12 year old parents bought several cameras. 4 also had a Kodak, a Fuji, a Zenith and one I never knew the name of. There were also ones where you had to insert cassettes and after the click they pushed the picture out of themselves. 🙂 Well I loved them, I only had to buy a lot of movies because unfortunately they were emptied after 10 photos. His father’s very first plane was the Zenit, which he still has today. I’ve been taking things more seriously since 1989-90, I wouldn’t even know how many photos I took with Zenit, but to this day I also have the scrolls and photos developed. I took the Zenit with me everywhere, I was equipped with the good little Kodak and Fuji 24 movies.

The 90s brought a lot of changes in the field of photography. Professionally, I first took photos for a company in my home country with an analog, and later with a digital camera. Then came nature, fashion photography, but I haven’t turned entirely to photography here yet. There are many other areas of interest, especially computing. Then I became an entrepreneur in the early 2000s and photography was pushed into the background. Sure, I took photos all the time, but I didn’t make a living from it. Then I soon realized that I really didn’t care about anything that much, and since it fills my everyday life, my free time anyway, I thought maybe that could be my main profession. So it was. I don’t deal with almost anything else today, and that’s okay, I love it. If I had to choose again once what I wanted to be when I was big, I would still choose that. 🙂

I can say that the camera has been a part of my life for many, many years. There was every kind that could be. I switched from analog to digital with quite a heavy heart, but I had to keep up with the achievements of the age. You had to be open to new things, you had to recognize new opportunities. Of course, this is still the case today. I have been dealing with the digital world since the first machines appeared. I took photos in almost every field, in every situation and in every subject, but in the end I always turned back to the subject I liked the most, the person, the wedding and the fashion photography.

However, if I were to say about myself that I am specifically a wedding photographer or a fashion photographer, that would not be entirely true because I would love to deal with any subject in which I see a slight challenge. What you can experiment with, what offers new possibilities.

My main trends are wedding, fashion, portrait, nude, and anything related to these topics. (This does not exclude other areas). 🙂

I strive to give my best, to be as attentive to every need as possible. There is a lot of work, learning and unfortunately a lot of failures behind me (from which I learned 🙂), but I also gained enough experience and experience. I met and worked with a lot of very good people over the years, and many of them became friends. Many have given me a glimpse into their lives through photography and have given me the unconditional confidence that is essential in such a case. Thanks to everyone here too.

I dedicate most of my time to photography, studying and testing. In my work, I try to realize my own ideas, giving a unique look, color scheme and individuality to each image. These marks appear not only in the making of the photos, but also in the post-work, ie in the elaboration and retouching.

I take photos anywhere in the world where there is a demand for my work. In addition to my current website, I also run several other websites in several languages ​​for my foreign clients: –

I haven’t won competitions, they’ve never been inaugurated as the photographer of the year, and I’ll even go on, I guess they won’t, since I don’t enter competitions, I don’t go for different titles. These are not important to me. I drive for the trust and opinion of my clients that the quality of the work done brings them the results they were expected of me. That’s all I believe.

I, on the other hand, am a member of MyWed, one of the largest international wedding photography communities. You can view my works by clicking on the link below.